How to identify the right program for you

The first thing to know when deciding what NCAA program to choose is that you are not just selecting a team, you are selecting an entire institution.

This decision really comes down to three things: athletics, academics and personal goals. When it comes to athletics, it’s all about identifying the best fit for you as a player.

The first thing to do would be to look at the roster.  Look specifically at the players and ask yourself some questions. How old are the members of the team? What kind of roster turnover exists year to year? Who are the consistent starters are at your position? If there are consistent starters at your position how deep is the depth behind them? If you’re playing a team sport, then what kind of formation do they use?  Where do you see yourself fitting in the scheme? What conference do they play in? Do you feel you can compete with the level of play in that conference? These all matter in relevance to your athletic goals. As far as academics,

As far as academics, you can search schools average GPA of admitted students, or even test scores.  Read reviews online about the institution’s academic rigor, talk to your high school guidance counselors, or reach out to the admissions office at a school you are interested in.  Find an institution that has strength in the academic fields that interest you most. Remember, you’re going to college not athlete university.

Finally, personal goals. It’s important to identify what matters to you as a person not just an athlete and a student.  While you will be with your teammates almost every day, you will also have classes, social activities and homework to balance as well, so make sure to consider what matters to you away from the field or classroom.

Reach out to the admissions department if you would like to get a better sense of what it means to be a student.  Most institutions have a student board that can answer any questions you might have about the student life. Another helpful website is

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